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Brookville, Ohio Family Recognized for Recycling
Rhonda and Jozy Hanos of Brookville, Ohio were recently recognized at a City Council meeting for their recycling efforts, but they have been committed to conserving landfill space and natural resources for many years.


Three Things to Know About Composting at Home
Composting at home is an easy way to naturally dispose of organic waste. This blog post includes a special video to help get you started on your own compost pile today.


Adding Green to your Red, White, and Blue Fourth of July Party
If you're hosting a Fourth of July party, this article has many helpful tips for making your celebration more eco-friendly.


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Keeping neighborhoods clean and green is more than a slogan; it’s our rally cry, our company purpose and our daily quest.

Everyday, Rumpke drivers hit the streets to protect the health and safety of you – our neighbors – by collecting your trash and recyclables.

Curbside collection is just the beginning of how we keep neighborhoods clean. It is Rumpke’s responsibility – and the reason for our existence – to be green by properly disposing of the material we collect in a safe and environmentally friendly way.


Protecting the environment is an important task and we need your help, to be truly successful. Rumpke is committed to providing educational programs about the importance of proper waste disposal and recycling.